Foreign Currency FAQ

1. What curriencies do you deal with?

We deal with the top 12 currencies by popularity.

2. Do you always have them in stock?

We try and keep good stocks of the most popular currencies, but if we don’t have in stock, we can get in for you within 24-48 hours usually.

3. Can I pay for my currency with a debit or credit card?

Unfortunately we can only take cash for the currency. In order for us to continue to give the best possible rates, we cannot take debit/credit transactions as the associated processing charges would have to be passed on.

4. What is Rate Match?

Rate match, or price match, is where we will match any rate for currency with a competitor who operates from a walk in shop premises. Rate match is not valid for online only companies. Any rate match shall be checked and must be an advertised rate ( for example a website)

5. If I pay for currency in advance, is my rate guaranteed?

Yes, If you pay in advance, which would happen if we didn’t have the currency you require in stock, we shall FIX your rate.

6. Do you BUYBACK unused currency?

Yes we do buy back currency. We feel our buy back rate is highly competitive on a daily basis.

7. Can you give me a better BUYBACK Rate?

Our in branch rate is checked daily and we try best beat the closest rate by up to 1%. If you are still looking for a better rate for larger amounts, check out our new BUYBACK website,

8. What identification do I need to BUY or SELL currency with you?

Generally, up to £4000 worth of currency needs no identification. If however, you yearly total of currency exceeds £4000, we shall require ID. Please check with a branch for details.

9 . How do I know if your exchange rates are any good?

We check our rates daily with our closest competitors, and then we beat it. If you find a better rate from a similar company to us (not online only company), let us know and we will try to Rate Match it.

10. Do you charge commission?

We charge absolutely NO commissions or any other fees. The rate you see is the rate you get.

11. What are the terms associated with your Cashback on prepaid currency offer?

The terms for our Prepaid Currency Cashback offer are as follows:

1. If we do not have enough stock of a currency that we deal with and you prepay for over £1000 worth of that currency, we shall pay you £5 for every complete £1000 worth fully paid for, on collection of your order.
2. The meaning of “Prepaid” or “Prepays” for this offer means a fully paid up front order, to be collected no earlier than 3 business days (business days being Monday to Friday) from time of payment. Example 1: an order fully paid on Monday can be collected on or after Thursday for the cashback offer to apply. Example 2: an order fully paid on Friday can be collected on or after Wednesday for the cashback offer to apply.
3. Cashback shall be paid for each fully paid £1000 worth of currency that we deal with, Example. If you prepay for £3000 worth of a said currency, we shall pay you £15 cashback.
4. Payment shall only be made for each complete £1000 worth of prepaid currency. Example £2000 up to £2999 of currency prepaid qualifies for £10 cashback and £3000 will qualify for £15 cashback.
5. Full payment for prepaid currency must be made at the time of ordering.
6. We shall fix your exchange rate on the day of your prepaid order and honour that rate at collection.
7. Payment of cashback from The Cheque Shop for qualifying prepays shall be paid in cash and signed for on collection of the said currency.
8. Prepaid cashback offer is available for a limited time only. We reserve the right to cancel this offer at any time without notice but after completion of all outstanding prepays.
9. Prepaid cashback offer cannot run in conjunction with any other currency offer, which includes but is not limited to prepaid rate tracking.

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