1. Do I need to set an account up to be able to use Sell Us Your Currency?

Yes you need to register before you can book currency in for return. This only takes a few minutes and once registered, you should check your email for your account verification code to activate.

2. How do I book in my currency for payment?

Once you have received your activation code, simply login to your account using the username and password you created. Enter the amount of currency you have to return in the correct currency box and calculate. If you are happy with our calculation for payout, simply press the book now button. On first use, you shall be asked to enter your verification code at this point to proceed with the booking.

3. How do I return my currency to Sell Us Your Currency?

Once you have booked in your currency for return, you are presented with two options. First and default option is that we shall send a Royal Mail Special delivery envelope (unpaid) directly to your home address. Or you can select to “Self Post” yourself. If self post is selected, you shall be able to print our returns slip to use with your currency returns. Please also check the emails we send as these have lots of great info and help.

4. Do you guarantee the rate shown for my currency conversion?

Yes, once booked in, SUYC shall guarantee your agreed rate for 4 days if we send you an envelope or for 3 days if you select to self post your currency to us.

5. Can I bring my currency into one of your locations?

If you live close to Edinburgh or have a large amount of currency to convert, you can call into our branch in Edinburgh. Just let us know and we shall change your booking status to “Hand Delivery”, which will also send you a location email with directions.

6. How do I get paid for my currency?

You can select a cheque payment (default) or ask for a bank transfer. When you book in your currency, your “Booked In” email has all the information you need to help you decide how you would like to be paid.

7. Do you take all currencies?

SUYC presently deals with the top 12 currencies by popularity at the moment, but may add more currencies soon.

8. Do you accept all currency note denominations?

We accept all denominations for the 12 currencies dealt with however some large note denominations may have an extra fee levied when cashed. Please check the main site at www.sellusyourcurrency.co.uk for further up to date information.

9. Why are the currency buyback rates so good?

Here at The Cheque Shop Ltd, we always give the best and fairest rates that we can manage to do for our customers. We are always upfront and clear as we think it is better for our business and our customers.

10. Is my currency safe in the post?

When posting, we provide Royal Mail Special delivery envelopes. We instruct the use of these as they can be insured to cover currency up to the value of £2500. We shall instruct you as to the correct value to insure your envelope and if your currency return exceeds £400, we shall refund this cost with your payment. Royal mail Special delivery has a fantastic record and we have very few problems. But lets remember that this is insured also for it’s loss.

11. How often can I use Sell Us Your Currency?

You can use SUYC as often as you like, but we shall require ID when one off or multiple transactions exceeds our limits over a certain time period. We shall advise you if we require further ID.

12. Can the payment for the currency be made to my partner?

Unfortunately no it can’t. SUYC payments can only be made by cheque to the SUYC account holders name or by BACS to an account with the exact same name as the SUYC account.

13. How long has Sell Us Your Currency been operating?

SUYC was first launched in 2012 by The Cheque Shop Ltd and has hundreds of top reviews on independent sites and thousands of satisfied customers. Please see the main site at www.sellusyourcurrency.co.uk to view the reviews.

14. Where can I find further information about the process?

Please visit the website for Sell Us Your Currency at www.sellusyourcurrency.co.uk for more information. Please have a look at our explainer video located in the “How it Works” page (sound required).

15. What are the terms and conditions for Sell Us Your Currency?

Please refer to the main website at www.sellusyourcurrency.co.uk and go to the “Terms” page for full terms and conditions of the service.